This is Matts Ramstorp

Matts is the world’s first Professor in Cleanroom Technology and Contamination Control, and he has worked with cleanrooms for over 35 years as scientist, consultant, educator and lecturer.

With his unique knowledge and his way of teaching, Matts has throughout the years trained thousands of people in Cleanroom Technology and GMP - always with the philosophy: “no one should be left behind”.
Matts has also written tens of books and contributed with chapters in several international textbooks.

This is Johan Ramstorp

CEO och Founder of Mcleaned AB

When Matts provides the knowledge, Johan provides the development of the training courses and the operation of the business. Johan's major strength lies in combining the possibilities of technology with the experience and knowledge that Matts has.

The company M Clean Education was formed in order to give many more people the opportunity to take part of Matts unique cleanroom knowledge and experience, and at the same time simplify cleanroom training for cleanroom operations all around the world.;

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