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From the date of purchase/payment, you have 90 days to allocate a course license, after which the license is expired. After a course license is allocated, the course participant has 90 days to start and complete the course, after which the license is expired. We do not offer any refund for a paid course license, regardless of whether it is allocated, started, completed, or not. See our terms and conditions for details
A course material is included, that can be downloaded by each course participant prior to the completion of the course. When the course participant has logged in, there is a course material with slides and glossary in PDF format to download under the tab Additional References, which serves as support during the course.
You do not have to register for a certain date in order to take a course from M Clean Education, as all our courses are available around the clock, all year round - all you need to do is to buy course licenses and allocate to course participants. Each course participant can then take the course whenever it suits them.
Payment by credit card - Visa or MasterCard (with 3DSecure and/or CSC) is the easiest and fastest way. You get access to the course license(s) as soon as the payment is approved. If you would like to order by invoice - please contact us for more information at sales@mcleaned.com | See our terms and conditions for full details.
Paying by card: 1. Create an account for your Company/Business 2. Add single course licenses or a multi-pack of course licenses to the cart 3. Proceed to checkout 4. Fill in your card details and complete your purchase 5. Allocate the course licenses to yourself or your employees 6. The course participant receives an email with login details 7. The course participant logs in and fills in their personal details (in order to be able to create the personal course certificate) 8. The course participant takes the course 9. The personal course certificate is ready for download immediately after course completion. | Contact us at sales@mcleaned.com if you want to order course licenses by invoice. | See our terms and conditions for full terms and conditions.
The course participant needs to have his/her own (unique) email address, a computer/tablet/smartphone with a modern, updated web browser, Internet access and headphones/speakers. The e-mail address becomes the participant's unique username to which a course invitation is sent after allocation. Contact us if you have any questions on what is required, at support@mcleaned.com
You will have access to the course license(s) immediately after paying with credit card, you can then allocate the course license(s) to the course participant(s). When ordering by invoice, the course licenses will be available after approved order and fulfilled payment. When the course is allocated, a login email is sent out to the course participant's email address, who then can start the course
The following may have happened: The course invitation has ended up in the Spam Mail folder, or: You have entered the wrong email address when allocating the course license (contact us if you want to undo the allocation) | The reason can also be that our training platform has not sent the course invitation yet, and that it will be sent out in soon. Please contact us if the course invitation has not arrived in the course participant inbox within 1 hour of the allocation. | If the course participant has previously completed courses at M Clean Education, he/she can log in to https://mcleaned.litmos.com/ and start the new course, even if the course invitation has not yet arrived, as long as the license has been allocated to the correct e-mail address.
Absolutely! However, we recommend that you complete the course at one and the same occasion. If you pause the course (to go to the restroom/Internet connection is lost/you must answer a telephone call/etc.) you can return to where you left and continue the course.